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Cape Wrath

The Most North Westerly Extreme in Mainland Scotland

MOD Exercises

Cape Wrath is owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and large parts are used as a military bombing range. Thus, at times, access can be affected - and this includes the 'U70' road that leads to the Cape Wrath Lighthouse.

When the range is active, red flags/lights will be flown/displayed and sentries positioned on the U70 road.

This page attempts to hold the known dates when the range will be active, although it's always advisable to check/confirm as to if/when access may be restricted - this can be done via the
MOD hotline on 0800 833300.

Known range training dates






November 2012

Currently no information has been made available to this website.

There are areas around the village where military exercises can be viewed. Faraid Head and Cape Wrath being the best localities.

For visitors in the UK, a clip from the BBC TV programme "Britains Secret Seas" (presenter Paul Rose), which is available via the attached link, demonstrates the kind of military activities that occur in this remote corner of Britain.
Navy drops bombs off Scottish coast

Cape Wrath (Inland)
Cape Wrath - Inland, as viewed from Faraid Head

Cape Wrath (Coastal area)
Cape Wrath - Coastal area, including Garvie Island, again from Faraid Head


Cape Wrath (Coastal - inc. Garvie Island)
Close up of Cape Wrath - Coastal area, including Garvie Island


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